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Phasionology site - Updates

Friday, March 27, 2009

Now that you've probably gotten acquainted with our new site, we just have a few more announcements to make =)

Our new site is constantly being updated from time to time and to get to know whats being updated, continue visiting this blog site of ours.*so don't delete this blog site off your reading list just yet!*

For now,

We've created a new SOLD OUT archive *hearts* purely for your viewing pleasure. *click*

We're still working on updating our SALE section, Shopping Guide, Links as well as this blog site so do bear with us.

BTW. PROMOTION 1 has ended! Thank you to all the girls who have made their fast purchases, we really appreciate it =) To those who missed out on our first promotion, don't miss out on our second, that is...

See you at our http://phasionology.com dears *winks*

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