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PHA 307 Braided Neons

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Retail MYR 36

Live View

*Hem of Fuschia, Yellow & Green is slightly tighter than Black & Electric blue's*Fuschia-(Sold Out), Yellow - Last Piece, Green - (Sold Out)

MYR 36

Free Size

Waist 11" (Stretchable)
Bust 11" Stretchable up to 14"
Length 24"

Material - Cotton

Order Code
*copy paste this to the order form to avoid any confusion*
PHA 307 Yellow

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PHA 112 Sweet Chiffon

Retail MYR 36

Live View


Black (last piece pending!)
(Rara skirt in champaign available *here*)

MYR 36

Free Size

Shoulder 12"
Puffy Sleeve diameter 5"
Waist 17"
Length 19.5"

Material - Thin Cotton

Colors in stock - Grey, Black
(Status: Black - Last Piece Pending!, Grey - Last Piece!)

Order Code
*copy paste this to the order form to avoid any confusion*
PHA 112 Grey

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PHA 305 Floral Smocked Dress

MYR 40

*New Feature*
Live View

Mustard Yellow (last piece)

Black (last piece)

(Close Up Fuschia SOLD OUT)

MYR 40

Free Size
Bust 9.5" Stretchable up to 18"
Waist 10.5" Stretchable up to 19"
Length 28"
Adjustable Straps

Material - Cotton

Colors in stock - Mustard Yellow

Order Code
*copy paste this to the order form to avoid any confusion*
PHA 305 Mustard Yellow

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dear all,

Just a note to all because we've been getting enquiries about our SOLD OUT Acidity Certified goods. All sold out items are non restockable unless stated. sorry dears, we can't help it if our suppliers are out of those items!

To be fair to all shoppers, in case of multiple buyers wanting the same item, we would only confirm orders that were sent in using our official Order Form that is available at the click of your mouse @ our side bar.

*clickety click to make your orders official*

Stay tuned for more aciddictive goodies only @ Phasionology!


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PHA 111 Lovely Lace

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Retail MYR 45

Green (Last Piece!)

MYR 45

Puffy sleeved Baby T included!
White T for Green
Black T for White

Free Size

Measurement for baby T
Length 22"
Shoulder 15"
Width 16"
Sleeve 44.5"

Material - Silk (Lovely Lace) , Cotton (Baby T)

Colors in stock - Green

Order Code
*copy paste this to the order form to avoid any confusion*
PHA111 Green

We're awfully in love with this piece! The material of the lacey piece is so awesome and lightweight its perfect to be worn over any basic Tee or just by itself, if you're one of the more daring ones *winks*. It looks uber feminine on anyone and the best of all, We're throwing in the basic puffy sleeved Tee for ya babes. 2 pieces in one, such a fab deal!

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PHA 110 Call Me Diamante

Retail MYR 25
Dark BlueBaby BlueBling Bling Diamante!

Leopard print labels! *rwar*

MYR 25

Free Size
Shoulder 13"
Length 23"
Waist 13.5"

Material - Stretchable Cotton with diamantes

Colors in stock - Blue, Baby Blue

Order Code
*copy paste this to the order form to avoid any confusion*
PHA110 Blue
PHA 110 Baby Blue

Another basic tee! But not just your ordinary plain one, this is a lil flirty piece with over 100 lil diamantes on it! Especially love how the colors of the red & darkblue piece are so contrasting and yet look so awesome! Babes, even the label for this piece is leopard printed and so adorable!

How can you resist?

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PHA 303 Cocktail Dress

Friday, August 8, 2008

Retail MYR 55

Live View!

MYR 55

Free Size
Shoulder 19.5"
Width 17"
Length 31"

Material -Silk

Colors in stock - Black

Order Code
*copy paste this to the order form to avoid any confusion*

This is definitely not your typical LBD! Absolutely adjustable neckline so we could wear it as an off shoulder or even a toga for added hotness. Our perfect cocktail dress. Drool away ladies *winks*

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

we're so gonna be flooding phasionology with hotness *winks*