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Featured Item - Floral Maxi Dress

Saturday, March 28, 2009

We'll be picking up a feature item among our updates in the future and talk about them here =)

For now, If we were to choose our favourite item among our latest updates this time around, it has got to be our Floral Maxi Dress.

Available in 2 designs in beautiful shades of pink & purple

The main feature of this dress that grabbed our attention is obviously the awesome prints. Its amazing how a single tone colored piece can look so amazing with some details on the design.

We haven't been bringing in alot of maxi dresses because we've been on a hunt for REAL Maxi's, that is maxi dresses that are really longgg enough but not MIDI in length or only reaching our ankles. So whats great about this piece here is also its length, its at a lovely length of 52.5 inches. Suitable for heights 5'5 and up *lurve*. For more petite girls, don't worry! you could always adjust the straps to make the dresses a lil shorter because yes, they are totally adjustable. Tie it as a halter, crossed back or even tug the straps in to make this a tube dress.

Whats more, this dress is also very flare unlike most maxi dresses around. Check out our homepage cover background and promotion background so see what we mean. But if you're not really into the whole idea of wearing a flare maxi dress you could always adjust the dress to fit to your own body, emphasizing your curves with the corset-like tie back feature that comes with this piece.

Check out the difference of this dress being worn just as it is in the pink picture and after being adjusted in the purple picture.Lovely ain't it?

We even kept some for ourselves *swoons*

Head over to the Floral Maxi in Pink & Floral Maxi in Purple at our shopping site for more details.

*keep watching this space as we'll talk about more of our products, visit our Website for more lovelies :)


Phasionology site - Updates

Friday, March 27, 2009

Now that you've probably gotten acquainted with our new site, we just have a few more announcements to make =)

Our new site is constantly being updated from time to time and to get to know whats being updated, continue visiting this blog site of ours.*so don't delete this blog site off your reading list just yet!*

For now,

We've created a new SOLD OUT archive *hearts* purely for your viewing pleasure. *click*

We're still working on updating our SALE section, Shopping Guide, Links as well as this blog site so do bear with us.

BTW. PROMOTION 1 has ended! Thank you to all the girls who have made their fast purchases, we really appreciate it =) To those who missed out on our first promotion, don't miss out on our second, that is...

See you at our http://phasionology.com dears *winks*


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dears, do check out our latest updates.

We're sure you'll love it as much as we do, so what are you waiting for? Order away!

Oh! no not here anymore, we've created something new and we really hope you'll enjoy shopping there *winks*

We're not gonna elaborate any further, just click to find out yourself!

Stay Tuned Tonight

Stay tuned tonight as we'll be launching our latest collection

2000 hours


Forgive us dears

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our latest update has been delayed for a few weeks! gosh. Trust us dears, we're trying our best to get everything up as soon as we can so watch this space for our updates alright?


Whats coming your way...

Friday, March 20, 2009


Announcment =)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hey dears!

Just a quickie here, for now all our SOLD OUT goodies will be transferred to another page of phasionology *click* to avoid more confusion in our site. Besides that, all these items are currently ON SALE! Crazy prices going on there ;)


Happy Shopping!

[ps. we're gonna blow you away with our next update ;) ]

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