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Head this way for we are updated!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yes we have finally updated again =) Our new Collection can be viewed at our new arrivals page =)

Also, have fun navigating through our magazine cover inspired homepage!

*click on image to view*

we'll revamp our homepage as we bring in more collections.
This was our previous homepage =)

We'll talk about what we have in store in a few days, so for now you'd have to find out yourself *winks*

What do i wear to work?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well, something that flatters your body type and makes you look gorgeous without the risk of not being taken seriously and is comfortable enough for the long hours. Gone were the days where work wear was dull, boring and so not figure flattering.

Here's a little something PHASIONOLOGY has to offer that's suited for work and fun enough for play *winks*

High Collared Frills in Pink, Yellow, White and Black.

So cute lah! was my first impression of these pieces thanks to the contrasting piping of the ruffles along the chest area.

Have always been a fan of high collared pieces and those that resemble to cheong sam neckline, they "elongate" the neck and hide the double chin hahaha will try to hunt for more of these pieces in the future *jots note in little notebook*.

Whats more to this piece is the unique back, don't see much pieces like these around don't you? Also, the babydoll cutting of this piece makes it that much more figure flattering. Lovely!

Talking about figure flattering, PHASIONOLOGY also has an interesting satin top in store. Note that the material of this piece is of high quality and not the typical cheapo thin satin type. The prints of this piece is so bohemian inspired and yes its also a high neck & babydoll piece!

Sateen High Neck in Purple & Orange (featured here) as well as Yellow

This piece comes with a drawstring at the waist area that fits perfectly on any body type. Can't say no to this can you?

Moving on to the lower body, corporate skirts are a must have in every working lady's wardrobe. PHASIONOLOGY offers this high waist line pencil skirt for your pairing needs at a very affordable price.

Slitted at the back to maximum comfort.

What about Fridays where we've an excuse to dress down without looking overly sloppy. Oh I've interned in various companies and its an absolute horror to see how beautiful ladies would come to work with ill fitting jeans and baggy pyjamas-like i-got-this-for-free-t-shirts! I know we're all bursting with the urge to be creative and casual after a whole week of formal work wear...

How about considering this super versatile bohemian (yays!) inspired flowy skirt/dress/top on casual fridays?

Works beautifully as a skirt and dress as modeled. Material? Silk Chiffon! Lightweight and super comfortable ey?

Personally a fan of artsy fartsy pieces, this last piece of our 2 toned splatters in White would be great for casual funky fridays.

Loving the babydoll cutting and of course the prints!

Happy working and looking good while you're at it ladies*winks*.


Jumpsuits and Lantern Dresses

Monday, April 13, 2009

So i was shopping the other day and i spotted a few trends in most stores that PHASIONOLOGY offers a few options to.

In most stores that i've visited, i see jumpsuits. Long, short, quirky, classy, well all sorts!

Just then, i spotted a piece from ZARA that resembles one retailing at PHASIONOLOGY for almost 3 times the price. Well, it is a gorgeous piece and definitely worth the price... for those who haven't discovered the wonders of shopping online (Fashion for less!).

Classy lycra drop crotch jumpsuits. Just do a google search and see how glamorous jumpsuits could look with those gorgeous shoes and confidence. I was debating with a friend on how jumpsuits could be glammed up for work just as much as for play, I'd say confidence is really what it takes to be able strut around in these gorgeous jumpsuits and to make it work for you.

Grey - Lovely hue for a jumpsuit.

While we're at it, a slightly ruffled and short option of jumpsuit is also available in store and on SALE because its our very last piece.

View these Jumpsuits and the rest of our collection HERE

The next trend that caught my eyes - lantern skirts (or whatever it is called!). I see alot of these dresses at Warehouse & Miss Selfridge.

Scrunched up hems are what I'm talking about here.

At a glance, the tropical prints of this piece could really catch your attention but then you might see this as another one of those boring tube dresses, until of course u look underneath the dress. That's where the magic happens, simply tie a few knots with the attached strings at the hem area to create a scrunched up hem adding more dimension to this dress. What do you think?

The exact same cutting in a more mod purple design. Absolutely adore the prints.

Here's another alternative in checks! Silk Chiffon Material.

FYI these lantern pieces could also be worn as skirts, i can go on and on about how versatile these pieces are. View these dresses and the rest of our collection HERE


The Best Part of being a Student is...

Monday, April 6, 2009

...the endless privileges we get! (Alright I know i've graduated but i still have my trusty-soon-to-expire student ID!)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Topshop has always been one of favourite brands around, i love everything about the brand, the clothes, the store, the bubbly and friendly staff (applies to certain outlets only).

Just recently, i visited their MV outlet and had my eyes on a few dresses but was still on the fence because of their prices. Being a student (or unemployed :P) , spending a few hundred bucks on a dress can be quite a hard decision to make...That's where the discounts come in handy!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This was what caught my eye and i am planning to go back and grab this with my student privileges *grins*

So while we scout for more topshop inspired pieces to feature on PHASIONOLOGY, i hope you'll enjoy shopping with the discounts at topshop in the mean time. See you at one of the outlets ;)

ps. Don't steal my dress! :p