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PHA 119 Glitsy Checkmate

Friday, November 28, 2008

CODE Glitsy Checkmate Blue

Retail RM 42
Material Cotton
Detail thread is a lil shiny Front pockets
Comment This piece gives of a lil shine because of the shiny thread used. Its not obvious in the picture.

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PHA 411 Ribbon Vest

Thursday, November 27, 2008

*wearing as a cropped vest suitable only for petites!
CODE PHA411 RibbonVest White
Last piece

CODE PHA411 RibbonVest Yellow
Last piece

Retail RM 33
Material Denim
Detail Front Pockets| Halter Tie
Comments Wear it high, wear it low, the length of this piece is absolutely adjustable.

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PHA 117 Sky Dot

CODE PHA117 SkyDot Green

Retail RM 23
Material Thin Cotton
Detail Sequins

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Would like to extend our appreciation to


For featuring our It Coat

Psss, we still have one last piece in blue left!


PHA 409 The It Coat

Friday, November 14, 2008

Special Edition : Luxuriously Accidictive

Get inspired by these phasionistas' plaid trench coats

for a fraction of their prices!


Blue (Last Piece), Red (Sold Out)

Retail RM 75

Free Size (UK 6- 12)
Measurements (Measured Flat)
Length: 31.2’
Width: 16.5’
Sleeve length: 24.5’
Sleeve Width: 6’

Material - Wool + Cotton

Colors in stock – Blue

Order Code
*copy paste this to the order form to avoid any confusion*
PHA409 Trench coat Blue

Can't keep your eyes off these beautiful double-breasted trench coats? Us too!

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PHA 407 Cutesy Cardi

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Retail RM 40

Moonshine (last piece)

Retail RM 40

Free Size
Measurements (Measured Flat)
Length: 26" |Width: 14.5"
Sleeve length: 25" |Sleeve Width: 5"

Material - Cotton Knitted

Order Code
*copy paste this to the order form to avoid any confusion*
PHA407 Moonshine

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WILD EDITION: PHA 406 Wild Zebra

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Similar piece from forever 21 retailing almost twice the amount in Malaysian stores.

Retail RM 48

Awesome prints!
White (SOLD OUT!)


paired with PHA118 Sexy Dots *click*

Light Grey

L-R Light Grey, Pink, White

Retail RM 48

Free Size

Measurements (Measured Flat)
Length: 22’
Width: 16.5’
Sleeve length: 25’
Sleeve Width: 6.5’

Material -Comfy Cotton

Colors in stock – Light Grey, Pink

Order Code
*copy paste this to the order form to avoid any confusion*
PHA 406 Wild ZebraLight Grey
PHA 406 Wild Zebra Pink

grabbed this at an instant!

Other WILD products

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PHA 405 Milky Way

Retail RM 48

Retail RM 48

Free Size

Comfy Cotton (thick enough to keep warm)
Unique zipper

Length: 22.5’
Width: 17.5’
Sleeve length: 21.5’
Sleeve Width: 7’

Colors available - Grey with purple stars

Order Code
*copy paste this to the order form to avoid any confusion*
PHA405 Milky Way

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